Choosing an SEO Marketer

4 May

By Stu Leventhal

SEO and SEM is tricky stuff. Having a great website is only the beginning. The next important step is Optimizing your website so people can find you. The internet is a complicated weave of people, companies and organizations sharing information and thoughts. Everyone is competing for each-others’ attention. New fads become popular daily as well as new technological advances. One day your website is ranking first page in the Google, Yahoo and Bing searches, the next day your website is nowhere to be found.

It is no wonder restaurant owners and managers are pulling their hair out when it comes to maintaining their online marketing campaigns. It takes a very big person to admit when they are in over their head. Being embarrassed to ask for help with search engine marketing can be the death of your career or business in 2014. Picking the wrong SEO/SEM service can cost you a lot of money, aggravation and wasted time. Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant is one of the best Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing firms in the Philadelphia Arena. Let’s look at why Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant’s style of approaching internet marketing is so successful.

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant Knows How to Grow Your Hospitality Business!

We write articles that engage Philadelphians! Relevant food and beverage articles that get your customers’ mouths watering! SEO Keyword Optimized articles to move your web real estate to the first page of Google Searches and attract interested local readers!

Internet Traffic Cop


We have been packing restaurants and bars in Philadelphia and the surrounding area with crowds for years!

*They key is to tailor your promotional events and marketing pieces to the particular Philly neighborhood you do business in. Each area of Philadelphia has a unique persona and her residents have a particular personality with certain likes and dislikes. Blanket marketing just is not as effective in Philly as specialized GEO targeted marketing.

We Are Experts In: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Content, Hospitality Industry Promotion, Website Design and Maintenance, Reputation Management and much more. Contact us for a free consultation:


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