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Guru Marketing Tips by Stu Leventhal

8 Jan


Today’s hospitality Industry, like all industries, is changing and developing constantly. To keep up and stay current and competitive Restaurants, bars, hotels, catering companies… need an Online Offline Web Champion in their corner, or you have to become a Guru Businessman or woman yourself!

Guru Marketing Tips by Stu Leventhal is empowering business owners and management personnel across many fields of business and industries the ability to create and implement a winning, competitive, profitable management philosophy throughout their entire company. Guru Marketing Tips is written in an easy to follow and understand language style that is unique for most business tutorials lately. Readers are finally getting it!

Business in cyberspace and business down here on planet earth are finally partnering together to explode incomes!

Complicated internet commerce is explained and comfortably combined with traditional business management and marketing principals that have worked for centuries. Then a few new special pieces of the business puzzle are added so your entire organization is working together towards the same goals again; building your brand, gaining clients and customers and running operations more smoothly! Sales go through the roof!

GURU MARKETING TIPS, The Online Offline Web Champion by Stu Leventhal is a modern day business management instruction and marketing philosophy for companies to stay competitive and solve business difficulties. Everything you need to know to succeed with managing and marketing a business today and well into the future is covered:

  • How to Run a Business.
  • Winning at the Game of Business.
  • Tools for Business Leaders.
  • Strategic Business Thought.
  • Making Winning Decisions.
  • Minding a Modern Day Business.
  • Inventive Business Theory for Steady Profit Growth.
  • Innovative, Creative and Effective Problem Solving.
  • Special Attention is Given to Modern Marketing and Promoting!
  • Networking the Modern Way!
  • Understanding Online and Offline Commerce!
  • Strategic Sales Methods for a New Age!
  • The Fundamentals of Growing a Business.

From start-up to corporate giant, the basic principles for business success do not change!

Learn how to become a Business Super Hero! Learn smart business theory and how to implement it!

GURU MARKETING TIPS is the modern age tutorial for conducting business wisely and profitably; small business, big business and every type of entrepreneur spirit in between!

Finally, modern day business management is explained through the eyes of the marketing department. GURU MARKETING TIPS is a business guide book for leaders, managers, owners and people who wish to become managers and owners of successful companies. The secrets and pillar strategies of running a business better and for consulting to businesses are revealed in easy to understand and follow along, layman’s language.

GURU MARKETING TIPS is a must read for anyone who owns a business, wants to start a business or runs a business or department in a business.

GURU MARKETING TIPS   by Stu Leventhal is filled with all the essential tips every business owner or manager needs to know. The format is actually written like a blue print for starting a business consulting company! This means the topics and methods are described and explained so they can be adopted to work for many businesses and business situations. Learn the theory behind GURU MARKETING TIPS and you can apply them to any type of industry or business you wish to own, work for or consult for!

Let GURU MARKETING TIPS by Stu Leventhal help sprout your business management career today!