Running and managing a hospitality industry business in Philadelphia is no picnic. Philly is a very competitive town. The City of Brotherly Love, as Philly is often referred to, has long been a tourist attraction based on Philadelphia’s rich history and involvement with the forming of our country’s government. People come from all over the globe to visit Philadelphia and to experience our nation’s culture at her birth place. They come searching to get a glimpse of the type of people who founded the great United States. They also come from all over the world to open businesses here too knowing our city has always stood for freedom of expression, liberties and opportunities for all.

Restaurants, clubs, bars and lodging companies come and go at an alarming rate here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. To make it in Philly you have to bring your A game. But once you win over the local troops, you will not find a more loyal customer than a Philadelphian! Tapping into that loyal mentality is the secret to business success in Philadelphia.

Philadelphians are hard working, blue collar, stubborn and proud people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. They work hard and they play hard and they want their hospitality venues to represent their spirit to outsiders who come to visit. Philadelphia is known for having some of the best five star restaurants in the world. We are also known for creating one of the worlds most popular sandwiches, the Philadelphian cheese steak. There is a lot of diversity here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and a lot of tradition.

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant is made up of experts in the Hospitality fields who have run and managed successful companies in Philadelphia’s tough business arena. Philadelphia Restaurant consultants look forward to sharing their experience and knowledge with new enterprising business men and women. We know the challenges that the City of Philadelphia and her people can pose for a hospitality company. Let us help you realize how great it can be to own and operate a business in the dynamic City of Brotherly Love. Collectively our consultants have probably made all the mistakes you are going to make so why not let us steer you around them. When you need restaurant, bar or lodging business management advice contact, Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant just E-mail: anewtale191@live.com It does not cost anything to toss a few business ideas around with seasoned professionals. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT – Real practical restaurant and hospitality industry advice that goes right to your bottom line! Tips on conducting a profitable food and beverage business in the unique atmosphere of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We excel at helping Philadelphia restaurants, bars, catering companies and entertainment venues in the Delaware Valley, South Jersey and the Philadelphia arenas run better, smoother and become more successful. Promotion and management strategies for the Philly restaurant industry is our specialty. We are experts at turning a failing food and beverage company around as well as taking a solid business platform to new and greater heights. Solving tough restaurant industry problems and optimizing food and drink businesses is our passion!

Contact us for a free business discussion. Just E-mail: anewtale191@live.com


Philadelphia, Philly, The City of Brotherly Love; is a dynamic place full of futuristic dreamers, dominated by a hard core blue collar and fast growing middle working class. Philly is one of the biggest cities on the east coast. The City of Philadelphia is governed by progressive yet cautiously responsible leadership. It is home to quite a few fortune five hundred enterprises, many small businesses and a large array of Mom and Pop shops. A diverse culture fills the Philadelphia streets, works in her shops and skyscrapers and plays in her night life. An atmosphere of modern thought, innovation and entrepreneurship is spurred and fostered by Philadelphia’s huge presence of varied educational institutions. America’s traditional values are naturally entrenched in Philly’s rich historical background dating back to before revolutionary times.

Many outsiders have characterized Philadelphians as stubborn and pigheaded; insiders smile and call that attitude, loyalty, civic pride and a good sense of humor! Nowhere is the Philly spirit more apparent than in Philadelphia’s fanatical support of their sports teams and their local, national and global celebrities. Understanding the mindset of Philadelphia’s varied public is important for any business’s success in the City of Brotherly Love. Being in tune with the locals becomes even more important and actually essential when you are operating a business as social as; a food and beverage establishment, bar, entertainment or hospitality venue which relies heavily on customer service, charm and schmoozing to gain and retain customers. It takes a lot to win over the hearts of Philadelphians. It goes without saying that word of mouth marketing will be the defining factor of whether a Philadelphia business can establish a permanent residence here or fail. Win over the people and they will shout your name and praise you from the roof tops. Let them down and they will talk you out of existence.

Being a good business consultant is not enough to cut the mustard here in Philadelphia. Philly values the suave. We like our reputation of being current and cutting edge. A restaurant and hospitality consultant has to be in tune with the psychiatry of the people in the area they serve. You have to be connected to the pulse of the City,  stay up on the trends and be able to tap into the emotions of the culture. Heck you have to be able to create the culture!

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultants understand Philadelphians better than anyone because we are Philadelphians ourselves and we have been running  and advising Philly area restaurants successfully for years. We know what Philly people look for in their hospitality venues. We know how to rally customer loyalty. Whether you are expanding, redesigning or starting from scratch we would love the chance to help you build a successful hospitality business here in the City of Brother Love or in one of her fascinating, lucrative suburbs. Tell us about your new project E-mail the details to: anewtale191@live.com


Hi and welcome to the Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant blog. This is the PHILLY business problem solving blog-site designed to help Philadelphia restaurant owners and food service managers in the vicinity of the CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE find quick competent answers to restaurant management questions, concerns and problems. Whatever is ailing your Philadelphia food service establishment will eventually be addressed here. Whether you are an experienced manager or proprietor of a Philadelphia restaurant, catering service, bar or lounge; you’ll find real advice designed to up the profit of any dining or drinking establishment. This is a real Philadelphian Business advice blog filled with hospitality tips and food and beverage tricks of the trade and also a little bit of Philadelphian business attitude!

Read our blog posts and comment! Don’t see the restaurant, bar or lodging related topic you are concerned about, ask us your question. Our culinary management experts are happy to address your restaurant, liquor or wine questions, it save us from having to come up with new topics on our own. After all, this blog is a free restaurant management resource set up for you, the Philadelphia restaurant owner or Philly manager to gain the knowledge you need to succeed here in the competitive Philadelphia business environment. Make full use of us. We’re experts on serving cuisine and we’re willing to share our experience and advice with you for free!

I don’t know about you but I am tired of hearing how New York, Chicago and San Francisco have much better places to dine out than Philadelphia PA. I tell anyone who says that, “You just don’t know where to eat when you’re in Philly.” Come on Philadelphia, it’s been a while since we’ve claimed our place in the lime light as far as the national restaurant scene is concerned. It is time to up our game. Philadelphia has the capabilities for savoring an all year round tourist season. We need to capitalize on our rich history, our diverse citizenship and the genuine spirit and warmth of our communities so we can compete with the Jersey Shore, the Mystique of Manhattan, the Poconos Resorts and Delaware with her no tax structure.

When you need restaurant marketing strategies for your Philadelphia restaurant, catering, bar or entertainment venue, The Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant Blog is the place to turn! We got promotion ideas from the basics to the unique. Are your food costs running high? We got advice for; managing your back of the house, keeping an eye on inventory, portion control, ordering manifestoes and tips for combating theft. Does it always seem like you have too many people working during the slow periods and not enough staff to handle the rushes? We can advise you on how to make a labor efficient crew schedule? Listen Philadelphia restaurant managers, you tell us what you need to serve the Philly people. We’ll get back to you with concise expert answers to all your Philadelphia restaurant questions.

Philadelphia's favorite place for reading new creative writing and discovering great new unique fiction authors, music lyricists and poets

Philadelphia’s favorite place for reading new creative writing and discovering great new unique fiction authors, music lyricists and poets

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http://www.phillyfun.net is live! Philly Fun Dot Net is officially launched and bringing Philadelphians all the entertainment news and information on fun places to visit in the City of Brotherly Love and the surrounding area. So, Philadelphia restaurants what are you waiting for! Send your news releases, and company profile to editor@anewtale,com to get your restaurant venue list in all the appropriate categories because this is where visitors go to find out WHERE TO DINE IN PHILLY!

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So, Philadelphia restaurant managers and owners, can you see how with all the above platforms, resources and industry experts at our finger tips we are the premier Philadelphia Restaurant Consultants? We have experience at running all kinds of restaurants, catering establishments and entertainment venues just like all the other restaurant consultants only our experience is multiplied in effectiveness because it was earned working right here in your back yard, PHILADELPHIA! The reason you are hearing so much about PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT’S skills of marketing and promotions from so many other restaurant owners who we’ve helped succeed is because we have the knowledge to tailor our SEO, SEM and marketing efforts on your behalf to the unique challenges the Philadelphia Restaurant Market presents. The way you crush your competition who has hired the best website designer and marketing firm money can buy is to hire someone to set up and manage your web real estate campaign who is experienced with the unique Philadelphia Marketing Scene and has Philly reporters and Philadelphia writers on their staff! Then, couple that power with the fact that we have advisors checking the work who have been successful restaurant owners and managers in the Philadelphia arena. Philly based, Philly owned and Philly operated Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant blog is the place to turn for help running your Philadelphia restaurant!

If you need a Philadelphia restaurant consultation email us at anewtale191@live.com

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