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Restaurant Business Plans –

Whether you plan on reconstructing, expanding, re-branding, enhancing, offering your stocks publicly, merging, partnering, acquisitioning or offering Franchise agreements; it all begins with taking your new idea and fleshing it out into a comprehensive business plan that is clear and concise so you can share your vision with others. Philadelphia area restaurants, pubs, catering businesses and hospitality venues face many challenges some big and some small. Each situation takes a different approach but the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is trying to wing a project by keeping their ideas shelved in their head while they wait for the perfect time to broach the subject with superiors, co-workers, vendors or whoever else needs to be informed or gotten involved. Many great ideas die before they are born. Don’t let yours fester in the deep recesses of your entrepreneur mind or in a neglected file in your bottom desk draw until they are covered with dust, mold and outdated. Let us write your proposal in colorful language that can’t be ignored. Whatever the topic of discussion or gravity of the issue at hand, we will design you a presentation that is informative, professional, memorable and most importantly persuasive!

Plans can only crystalize after they are written down. Ideas become alive, get shared, discussed, enhanced, honed, argued over and are eventually the persistent ones are adopted into the culture of the business usually after a long journey and a bit of wanted and unwanted transformation. Big and small ideas need to be presented coherently if they stand a fighting chance in any professional hierarchy fraught with personality conflicts, egos, territory markers, prides and many individuals with their own all important agendas. If you are a great idea man, Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant would like to help you plant the seeds of your great ideas into your crew’s heads, prepare your presentations for your board of director’s meeting. Formulize the fine details and organize the necessary data to support your opinion, theses or decision.

*Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant specializes in creating well organized, professionally written financial plans that capture investors’ imaginations so you can gain the funding you need to grow your company.

Whatever your idea is, a great, well thought out and persuasively written proposal will aid you in gathering the troops to support your cause or for the coming clash or coo or simply to reassure or convert some doubters over to your side. When you are trying to get people to commit their money, their valuable time or even to just lend their authority or celebrity status image to the support of your vision the fashion in which you state your case is often the final swaying factor. Your vision needs to be presented in the limelight and backed up by quality research, facts and figures. The right emotional buttons may need to be pushed to persuade the procrastinators who are holding out into action. Changing people’s opinion may require tact.

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant has the experience to know when playing hard ball with the emotions of one’s audience or burying the analytical with supporting data or just plain presenting clear communication and professional correspondence in a way that is easy to understand and highlights the obvious benefits of adapting a new proposal is going to be the secret key to moving mountains of resistance! When you need correspondence that convinces contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant for a free consultation: We’re on your side! We excel at winning tough arguments for our clients!

Having our name Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant on your list of references also lends clout to your business plan. Investors can be assured that your plan was professionally crafted by experts in the food and drink industry who are familiar with the special challenges of doing business in Philadelphia. Their money is safer since quality Philadelphia Restaurant Consultants will be there for you with the knowledge and guidance needed to get through the tough stretches and advising and mentoring you whenever the need arises with practical proven restaurant industry advice.

Whatever the hospitality project, contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant for a free consultation today:


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