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Restaurant Catering

Philadelphia Caterers handle everything from birthday parties for children, to breakfast in bed and intimate candlelight dinners for two, to company dinner parties for 50 and wedding receptions involving a thousand or more guests. The markets for catering in the Philly area are definitely growing as lifestyles in the region become more modern and lives more time challenged. The Philadelphia area is a diverse community and catering is becoming more and more popular with people of all income levels and cultures. All food styles, genres and themes can easily be adapted to group outings and gatherings. Parties, social events and celebrations are as popular as ever in the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia and her suburbs.

People with money always seem to be on a mission to prove their status and flaunt their wealth by staging large, catered parties. In the City of Brotherly Love circles of affluences, a party or social get-together isn’t even considered an event of any significance unless it is a catered affair. The Philadelphia tradition is to go all out when it comes to celebrating even during challenging economic times. It is a rare exciting time indeed when one in the restaurant, bar or hospitality industry hears an affluent customer mutter the words, “Money is of no concern.” However, in order to gain access to this market and gain your piece of the pie emphasis has to be placed on service, service, service!…and more service!

Businesses and people in the upper income brackets, like to pick up the phone, tell someone they want a party on a certain date and then forget about it, knowing everything will be taken care of without further worry or time involvement from them. All this takes planning, organization and if you’re going to make a profit, a definite awareness of cost control.

To break into the catering business, the basic starting up investment would appear to be under $1000, for equipment, service tools and some light marketing. Big spenders wishing to grab a larger piece of the catering pie in their neighborhood or move more quickly could establish themselves as real players in a few targeted catering niches with as little of an investment as $15,000! This makes catering an ideal business model for any ambitious couple or entrepreneur looking to start and operate a company in the dynamic, lucrative and exciting food and beverage industry with very little capital investment required.

The low startup cost also makes catering the ideal expansion project for established food and beverage venues, entertainment companies and virtually any hospitality company looking to add to their bottom line.

Prepping and cooking gets easier and easier as the volume increases and costs for ingredients and supplies go down as the volume of purchases increase thus if you sell the same or similar dishes and beverages on your catering menu as you do in your restaurant’s dining room you make a bigger percentage of profit per individual served through catering.

Working with bake shops, flower shops, photographers, supper clubs, bridal shops, local celebrities, charities, bands, DJs and other entertainment companies in general, can bring in hundreds of referrals for you. Rubbing shoulders with and circulating as a part of your area’s civic and service clubs, should also result in more business for you.

Promoting and selling your services will require some commitment of time until you build up your reputation. The actual selling is quite simple so long as you emphasize the service and time-saving aspects. The more time-consuming work you can handle for the client, the easier it’s going to be for you to close the sale.

Time is becoming more valuable to a lot more people every day, which means there are more and more opportunities for great wealth as a professional caterer. Just keeping your eyes and ears on the alert, wherever you go and with whomever you associate will uncover catering opportunities.

There is definite opportunity for great wealth within the catering field in the multifaceted City of Philadelphia and her outlying communities. In reality the success for just about any person or business entering the field of catering in the Philadelphia area is limited only by his or her own imagination and energy. As with any business, your success will be directly related to the soundness of planning and the working of that plan. The only thing standing between you and the realization of your dreams, is the action it takes on your part to get started…

*Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant can show you how you can grow your catering business fast and with little risk or investment by leveraging our comprehensive network of industry professionals including; Chefs, bartenders and servers who can be hired as needed per each catered affair!

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We will be happy to teach your crew the ins and outs of selling, promoting, booking and executing lucrative, exciting catering services. From designing your menu to planning and pricing catered parties and events to outsourcing all the stuff you can’t do yourself to managing and servicing the actual events so they come off without a hitch; Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant is there with training and expert advice for achieving every step. Learn how to get your piece of the catering pie! Start taking advantage of the most exciting and profitable segment of the hospitality industry now! BECOME A CATERER


Contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant for a free consultation:


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  1. some excellent thoughts here for anyone that wants to start a catering operation. Great job Stu!

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