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Philadelphia Restaurant Consultants will send our experts to looks over your current restaurant, entertainment or bar business from every conceivable angle possible. Together our experts will compile a detailed report identifying all problems in order of priority then recommend a plan of action to fix each issue. Obviously every restaurant’s situation is slightly different so an initial consultation will help identify the priority areas where your restaurant needs the most assistance and what activities will gain you the most success. Our custom evaluation plans will be tailored to your restaurant’s particular needs. We study your competition, your customer base, peculiarities of the market and take into account your vision of the perfect future to recommend and help you implement a plan that is designed to achieve all of your goals. To meet budget restrictions, Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant evaluations and analysis reports with recommendations for improvements can be ordered separately, bundled into groups, billed all at once or allocated over time with a payment plan.

OPERATING COST ANALYSIS – Food and Beverage Costs, Scheduling and Payroll Control, Purchasing Best Practices, Vendor Negotiations, Financing and Re-financing Options…We don’t just uncover your restaurant operating problems then patch the leaks with a quick fix band aid. We teach you why it happened and help you put in place proven cost control methods that assure the problems stay fixed!

MARKETING AND PROMOTION REPORT CARD – Find out if your advertising campaigns online and off are effective and what can be done to enhance your ads turning them into peak performers. How is your food and beverage operation being represented online? Can your web real estate stand toe to toe with your competitors’ web sites, blogs and social media presence? How do the travel advice sites and review blogs like Yelp rank your establishment? What can be done to enhance your image and earn you consistent 5 star rating? What is it going to take to rank you on the first page for the keyword Google searches relevant to your niche? Let’s get a promotional calendar of events made up for at least the coming half of year if not the whole year so management is prepared early, places orders properly and staffs shifts correctly assuring our events go off without a hitch and preparation is not a last minute rush!

FRONT OF THE HOUSE HOSPITALITY – We will evaluate the overall ambiance of your establishment and the friendliness and efficiency of your staff. Then compile a report detailing how your customer’s dining experience can be enhanced. Let’s elevate the level of your customer service and get your staff trained to recognize and optimize all the little extra sales opportunities as they present themselves. Your customers will be delighted by all the extra attention and your wait staff will love the extra tips they take home at the end of their shift! After all that is the real key to increasing your bottom line.

BACK OF THE HOUSE EFFICIENCY – Are you and your kitchen team prepared and truly ready to handle the increase in sales that we are pushing for? Kitchen set up analysis, equipment recommendations, streamlining production processes, ticket times, plate presentation; all can be improved when an experienced new pair of culinary eyes looks things over. A fresh perspective by a qualified Chef can help recognize bad habits as well as identify opportunities for improvement. Proper storage practices and adherence to sanitation and food safety rules can make a big difference to the freshness and taste of the food being served which will have a direct and enormous impact on sales. An orderly, organized kitchen run by a professionally trained kitchen staff will cut food waste costs as well as make ordering more efficient which is key to controlling spoilage and serving fresher tastier food consistently. If our kitchen can’t perform when we bring in more diners we will do much more damage to our reputation than good. Food costs will go through the roof and negative ‘word of mouth’ will sabotage all our extra efforts! Remember our goal is to increase sales and revenues but never at the expense of customer service or the sacrifice of food quality. It should be a gim-me that bringing about an increase in sales automatically brings an increase in profits but that is rarely the case with businesses as complicated to run as restaurants. Thus, back of the house training becomes the key to driving the success of any restaurant and the secret to increased revenue and managing one’s bottom line.


Spy recognizance, where our professionals act as customers dining in your restaurant or phoning in orders to test customer service and uncover sales opportunities is a great way to see how your training is working. Besides being built into all of our above evaluation packages, our secret diner program can be ordered separately, contracted by the year or fiscal quarter as a way of maintaining quality levels of service consistently and long term.

*Our reviews are conducted during peak and off-peak dining periods so we can observe and collect data that will result in a well-rounded picture of your restaurant’s situation. Interviews may be conducted with key members of the management team, staff as well as direct feedback strategically collected from customers. We will need to be given access to the entire facility including all storage, offices, kitchen and production areas and all nonpublic as well as public places since our goal is to make your whole operation more organized, efficient and profitable. Sometimes your employees will be made aware of our visits in advance but we will also need to spring unannounced visits to get an honest view of what really goes on in the back and front of the house.


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