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Many Philly area entrepreneurs dream of owning a hospitality type of business. They want to run a restaurant, place of lodging, bar or club, in their home town, the way they think it should be run! How many times have you heard someone say, “If only I owned this place!” or “This place is a gold mine! If it was just run right!” Perhaps you have muttered similar words yourself. Have you been harboring dreams of opening a bed and breakfast, corner pub, bistro, specialty pizza parlor or steak house? Observing and Squirrelling away your ideas for years, every time you dine out or go for a brew in a new place. You watch and make mental notes of what the management and staff does right and what they do wrong and fantasize how you would run the joint. If only…

Contact Philadelphia Restaurant consultant for a free consultation: We can breath life into your dream!

Through thick and thin, from start to finish…Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant is there for you with personalized and private counseling, advice and mentoring you can put your trust in! Let’s face the music, no one person can be an expert at all areas of a business as complicated to run as a Philadelphia restaurant, bar or entertainment venue. When things get hairy we all could use some help even if it is just a friend or confidant to bounce some ideas off of. When you just can’t seem to wrap your finger around what the problem is, a fresh, unbiased set of eyes might be just what is needed. Owners and managers are often too close to a situation to think clearly. When tough decisions have to be made concerning; leadership re-structuring, strategic planning, debt consolidation, credit repair, financial funding, high technology training…

Contact Philadelphia Restaurant consultant for a free consultation:

Think of Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant as your secret well of knowledge, your back up, your special resource, your vote of confidence and your competitive edge!


When Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant takes on a Hospitality Business as our client we do everything we can to assure your goals and agendas will be achieved! You and your business’s welfare becomes our number one priority. All our expertise is focused on helping you succeed.

*Custom solutions and creative problem solving is our specialty!

We are local hospitality industry consultants and that means we are very in tune to Philly’s unique peculiarities, challenges and opportunities. We are also close by, ready and willing at a moment’s notice to handle emergencies, hands-on and in person. At the drop of a hat we can have a team present, on your site, working on a plan to capitalize on an emerging development in your community. Once we do work for you or your business we consider you part of the family. That means we are always on the lookout for opportunities from which you our client can capitalize.

The hospitality Industry is always evolving. One has to stay current to be competitive. Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant keeps abreast of all the new industry trends and developments through an array of industry organizations we are a part of. We leverage the knowledge and experience of top notch professionals we’ve adopted into our large global network of resources. As we find out about the newest industry technology relevant to your niche we will inform you about it and outline its positives and negatives. We will keep you in the loop as new marketing techniques test effective and inform you how you can benefit the best by utilizing the best novel ideas and newest industry thinking. If you find yourself or crew becoming overwhelmed by new technology or feel your company is falling behind the curve.

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Upper Management Consultation and Support – One on one counseling for owners and upper management who need real advise, training or mentoring.

Restaurant Operations Consultation and Support – Crew Training, Advice and Coaching programs, Physical and Structural Reorganization, New System Implementation.

Restaurant Marketing Consultation and Support – Marketing Plans, Sales Training, Advertisement Campaigns, Promotion Calendars and Special Event Planning, Crew and Management Coaching, training and supervision..

Special Project Consultation and Support – Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant excels at thinking outside of the box. Run your ideas by us and we’ll help you implement them. No vision or dream is too wacky or wild!

Contact Philadelphia Restaurant consultant for a free consultation:


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