Restaurant Expansion


Whether you are planning to knock down a wall to put some unused space to work or thinking about redesigning your whole dining room to put every square inch to use; Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant will be happy to advice, supervise, negotiate, any part of the expansion project you feel uncomfortable with or we can take care of the whole jalopy for you. Yes, we will even order you the necessary permits and make sure the project plans meet all the local building codes!

From furniture to contractors, Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant has you covered. From blue prints to price quotes, we’ll take the stress off you. Just leave it all in our very capable hands. Need a formal written expansion proposal? Leave it to our expert proposal writers! Looking for financing? We can draft the request using the format and language that financiers and investors like to hear. We’ll even throw in a few graphs and sales projects at no extra charge.

Once a restaurant concept has proven itself to be lucrative the subject of how we should grow the business from here naturally comes up. Should we look for another location that is two or three times bigger then move the whole operation there? Or, start looking for space one or two towns away to try duplicating the original business and attempt running both.  Or perhaps franchising out the concept is the way to go, so many others can invest and help us grow quicker.

If you are running a successful restaurant with a unique winning concept and you feel you are ready to take it to the next level, Contact Philadelphia Restaurant consultant for a free consultation: anewtale191@live.com

Together we will discuss all your options and help you figure out the benefits of each situation. We’ll go over every scenario in detail highlighting the pluses and minuses of each. And when you are ready to make the move we’ll be there with you making sure the expansion is executed smoothly, each phase going off without a hitch. We’ll also make sure your interests are always put first and you don’t get taken advantage of. Time is money! Contact Philadelphia Restaurant consultant today, for a free consultation about expanding your restaurant business to the next level! anewtale191@live.com


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