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Developing new business in the Philadelphia area market is challenging and should not be taken lightly. Exciting innovative ideas and concepts have to be planned and implemented properly to be effective in a city as complicated as Philadelphia. Philadelphians are unique. Pitching to Philly takes tact. Philadelphians have been called stubborn, classified as head strong, pompous, passionate, loyal, opinionated and diverse. Those are a lot of different adjectives to cater to. When you are trying to sell people on the idea of going on a hospitality adventure you have to get inside their heads and hearts.

Whether you are planning a marketing campaign for a Philadelphia bar, club, cheese steak sandwich shop or a fine dining restaurant you first must learn everything you can about the Philly community you wish to serv. A thorough market analysis complete with gathering of reliable stats on how your intended target demographic of customers dine, drink, socialize and partake in for entertainment will show you where to best focus your promotional efforts. Your marketing campaign will be even more productive if you analyze your own businesses strengths and weaknesses and compare them to your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses then adjust your business so you are the obvious best choice.

Since before our country was born, Philadelphians have led the way with innovative thinking in the arts, government, science and technology. This tradition of thinking outside of the box, civic and social pride still goes on today. We are steeped in tradition and history. Many fortune five hundred companies as well as a slew of educational institutions call Philadelphia home. Philadelphians work hard for their money and they are not cheap when it comes to enjoying their time off. To learn what Philadelphians are looking for in a hospitality venue contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant:

We specialize in restaurant textual copy writing campaigns online and off, designed to add money to the bottom line of hospitality industry businesses in the Philadelphia arena, her fascinating suburbs and across the river in nearby New Jersey communities.


By Stu Leventhal

If you consider your restaurant or bar’s marketing as just the small area of your business pertaining to some promotional campaigns and placing occasional advertisements, you are missing the boat when it comes to running a hospitality business. A Restaurant’s marketing is the motor that runs, steers, directs and ultimately decides the success or failure of the whole restaurant, bar or hospitality venue.

No major decisions in any facet of a hospitality business should ever be made without first considering the implications it will have on your marketing campaign and promotions. A restaurant or bar’s image is everything! Answering a simple question like – “When the summer season comes will we continue to keep the dining room open until 11:00 pm or close an hour earlier at ten pm so we can open up the floor for dancing earlier?” – should always be decided from a marketing perspective weighing the positive and negatives. All hospitality management decisions become clear and easy to make when you consider them from the angle of how they will affect marketing and sales.

Whether or not you remodel the kitchen would seem to have no relationship to marketing yet if the installation of new equipment leads to faster meal preparation times which please your customers who have been complaining about the long wait then replacing the poor equipment now becomes a marketing issue. Scheduling your best crew members to work during your busiest shifts may at first seem a no brainer. But, if you are trying to build up sales on your typical consistently slow Tuesday nights you may want to consider putting together a special Tuesday crew. Paying your special Tuesday team a little extra to assure that they will go out of their way to impress every guest who walks through the door is just as much a marketing move as placing a radio advertisement or newspaper ad offering free desert to try to build up Tuesday nights and probably will be more effective.

The key to great hospitality management is managing through the eyes of a marketer. Your ultimate goal in any hospitality business is to please your customers so much that they tell others to come try out your place. Attracting new business and retaining the loyal business you have is your number one priority. Thus, you should always make management decisions with your customers’ interests in mind. Managing through a marketing mindset is good business sense and it works!

A hospitality business is an on stage production and the owner, managers and crew are the actors on the set. Everyone is always watching. There are no re-takes or do overs. It is live from the moment you let people in the door and goes on even after you lock the doors at night. Hire or fire a key employee; kitchen manager, chef, head host or even a popular bartender and you could change the ambiance of a whole restaurant. Anything that impacts your customers’ perception of the company is a decision that concerns marketing and your ultimate brand mission. A change in beer distributors for reasons of saving a few dollars in cost per keg could end up having an enormous effect on customer retention if the new product delivered is not up to par with the quality expectations your customers have come to expect from your establishment!

Answer the phone and you are marketing. When your delivery man knocks on an apartment door to deliver a takeout meal; you are marketing! Virtually everything in a hospitality business has to do with marketing. How you great guests is marketing. Your theme of the restaurant is marketing. Your brand message is marketing. When you hire a prestigious Chef or the cheapest cooks you can find that is all marketing your business, good or bad. Change produce vendors and that’s marketing. Most new restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments fail because they do not grasp the concept that every Hospitality Business’s success revolves around the perception of her guests and how they interpret their satisfaction, period! Therefore every other aspect of a hospitality company has to take second seat to Marketing.

Every major and minor decision in a bar, club, restaurant or lodging company has to be made with marketing in mind. How will this affect the overall ambience for our guests? Will this new move alter the customer’s experience negatively or positively? How will our customers view us from this day forward? How will we be perceived in the market place? Will we be judged? Favorably? How will our competitors react? Is this decision good for business?

If your management team needs coaching, training, advice or even full supervision on how to run your hospitality business with an eye on marketing, customer perception, and brand positioning all ultimately leading to sales building and market domination, contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant:


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