BRANDING – Creating a Memorable Restaurant Brand Image

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There are tons of choices of places to dine, drink, socialize and to be entertained. On a Saturday night, a special occasion, the afternoon of the big game. Why should your establishment be the premier first choice?

To succeed, your restaurant, bar, entertainment business has to first stand out from the crowd! Your marketing must take advantage of your true uniqueness and originality otherwise you are advertising orange juice instead of Tropicana Orange Juice, chicken instead of Purdue Chicken, dining out, having a good time and creating memories instead of dining out, having a good time and creating memories at your place of business!


Your Brand Identity is a promise! That promise may involve; product quality, depth of service, price or a million other things as variables. A hospitality brand represents a company’s status in their niche in the hospitality industry. A strong brand identity can place a food or beverage service business above its competition all by itself. People are willing to pay more for products or services that they highly regard. This means that customers are likely to pass up cheaper prices with competitors if your brand has made a positive impression on them. If clients believe in your product, they will pay for it.

When you have distinguished your business through branding, the marketing has the capability of becoming so profound, that little else as far as promotion is necessary. But having a brand that is that strong takes time, money and commitment. It’s not as easy as just creating a logo or writing a tagline or cute catchy jingle. Brand identity is more than hiring a celebrity to be the face or spokesperson of the company. Your Brand is the reason you give your customer to pick you instead of your competition without them even considering comparing products or services. Brands create a feeling of familiarity. A brand helps possible customers remember your business and register your quality in their mind instantly. That is why a strong brand commands customer loyalty.

Delicate emotional ties exist between customers and the brands they believe in. Athletes will purchase the same brand of sneakers for years and years. Woman put their faith in their favorite specific brands of make-up. Many Fishermen will only fish with a specific brand of fishing reel. Certain Clothing brands are worn because they represent a specific lifestyle choice and the public understands their message just by hearing the brand name without even seeing the clothes. Having a brand identity that resonates with your market is Power; like walking into battle carrying a new high tech weapon that your opponent lacks or holding up a magic shield. Competitors can say or claim whatever they want but they can’t hurt you.

Do your employees believe in your company? Do they feel like they have a vested stake in its success? Do they feel like their work is extra meaningful because they ply their trade for your company? Companies with solid brand identities can say yes to these questions. Can your restaurant, bar, catering or entertainment company? If you can’t get your own employees to buy in then you will never get outsiders to become spellbound. Here are some things you can do to start building an all-important brand:

1. The people within your company need to not only get what your brand message is but be your brand’s most ardent ambassadors.

2. Give everyone a common understanding of the company, its mission and their part in it. They should feel like they have ownership-even if they don’t.

3. Get every aspect of your company on the same page. Get all your departments talking to each other and understanding each other.

4. Reinforce brand values and behaviors. Constantly promote these fundamentals until they’re second nature.

5. Your employees will ultimately determine your success or failure. You, as leader, must earn their loyalty and brand support. But once you do, you’ll have a company that is full of happy, motivated successful brand ambassadors. And brand ambassadors are ultimately what create brand loyal customers. Over the long term, as your brand becomes synonymous with a specific kind of product or service, more people will turn to you for that product or service…and they will continue to do so because they believe they’re getting quality only a specialist can provide. That is when you know your company’s brand has finally arrived. When everyone in the community doesn’t just think of you as the best place to eat in your town, but the only place to eat in town.

Let us help you design and implement a marketing plan that highlights why you are different and the best place to dine at in your neighborhood. The mere mention of your restaurant’s name will conger up visions of warmth, relaxation, fun, excitement and get the taste buds watering! Your name will be synonymous with decadent indulging!

Let us show you how to implement the necessary steps to connect then tie all your promotional efforts together forming a solid, recognizable brand identity so everything about your business is sending the same powerful, unified, special message. Set yourself apart then crown yourself KING!

Our Philadelphia industry experts will review every aspect of your business; marketing (Online, offline, in-house, paid for and free advertisement campaigns, coupons, promotions, the message on your takeout bags, your receipts, how your staff answers the phone…) We’ll study your products, menus, services, staff’s competence, overall physical look and mental projection your business gives off. We will take into consideration your reputation and ambiance then compare all with your competition’s reputation, ambiance, their strengths and weaknesses. We will come up with a strategy to leverage it all so it is consistent with your long term goals. Then, based on our experience and proven industry knowledge derived from case studies, statistics and hands on trial and error; we devise a list of detailed suggestions and recommendations to achieve the goal. We will not only give recommendations but also a detailed comprehensive plan on how to implement and maintain each of our suggestions. We can even manage the whole process for you! Once your plan for branding is implemented we are here for you with tips, assessment help, ongoing advice and support every step of the way. Or we’d be happy to take over managing the whole process for you.

Personalization is the key to brand identification. Make your visitors feel at home as if they are part of your extended family and they won’t even think of dining or relaxing anywhere except with you. Together we will position your business as the supreme hospitality business that the rest of the venues in your niche are jealous of and striving to emulate. Contact us for a free consultation:


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