Want to drive more tourism dollars your way?

Wish you could easily influence event, celebration and meeting planners, travel agents and tour companies to book their business with you and your company?

Want to know the secret to booking more corporate events, family outings, catering, dine-in and takeout business?

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant offers professional copywriting services for the hospitality, food, beverage, bar, club, tourism and entertainment industries. You worked hard to create a company that offers something wonderful, but your job is not over. Now, you have to spread the word. Creating a BUZZ around town that compels people to come join in your festivities is what our writers excel at! Great copy that GENERATES REVENUE comes down to the art of language and communicating that touches the emotions of your audience spurring them to act. The goal is to set the tone for your customer’s experience before they even arrive.

If your marketing pieces are made up of the same old dull, run of the mill self-promoting boasts that everyone makes then your restaurant or bar is given the stamp of ordinary to dull too! People don’t look forward all week to spend their money and precious time-off on ORDINARY and DULL! We want to dine out, stay overnight, party at the hottest places in town, not mingle with our Grandma and Grand Dad’s crowd.

Copy that creates revenue for hospitality, restaurants, bars, clubs and entertainment businesses has to be in tune with the times, artistic, innovative, upbeat often humorous, informative or startling for people to pay it any mind. That means your copy has to generate excitement right from the first words and hold your readers or listeners till the very end! You must know what makes your customers tick! Speaking the language of your customers and clients begins with knowing everything you can about them.

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant’s Copywriters are experts at capturing the attention of new customers and potential future clients who spend. We study your neighborhoods and make sure we know its residents thoroughly; their history, their present situations and their dreams for the future. Our copy speaks to your customers on their terms, using their language and addressing the real issues and concerns of your community. The key to great copywriting today lies less in coming up with cute catchy saying but depends thoroughly on how well you know your potential clients so you can add real value to their discussions and help elevate their lives.

In the hospitality industry you are first offering a heartfelt invitation to visitors to come enjoy your neighborhood. Your hotel, bar, restaurant or club is here to make it convenient for people to come enjoy your local culture, see the sites, have a fun time on your town. It is important for bars, restaurants, clubs, lodging companies, caterers and theaters…to not only recognize the local culture and take part but the goal is to become a piece of their neighborhood’s culture. Being accepted by the people as a business that they all feel represents their neighborhood’s spirit as well as their own views and values as a community is what creates long term loyalty and great word of mouth promotion! Win over your locals and they will tell the rest of the world about you.

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant is passionate about building copy that builds business success! Articles on your website, brochures, travel blogs, marketing emails, visitor guides, press releases, sales letters, all lend to your company’s image.

But a hospitality Industry copywriter is not just any writer. Our purpose is to entice customers to spread your word too. If you want great word of mouth promotion you have to give the people something worth shouting about. We are storytellers weaving tales to sell your dining, drinking or lodging experience. We tease one’s senses allowing them to see, smell, touch, taste and hear your products, feel your place of business, yearn to be taking part in the excitement or to relax in the pampering. Your customers are sold and excited about visiting your establishment long before they even pull into town.

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant offers writing services for creating: Unique Email Marketing Campaigns, Informative Newsletters, Engaging Blog Posts, Stimulating Web Content, SEO Keyword Optimized Internet writing that Google and the search engines love, entertaining Articles, Visitor’s Guides, Press Releases, Portfolios, Enlightening White Papers, Copywriting that Boosts Your Tourism Marketing Campaigns, Generates More Bookings, Fills Tables, Stools and Rooms, INCREASES YOUR REVENUES and Adds to Your ambiance.

Proud boasts about one’s own products and services, no matter how sincere, tend to fall on deaf ears. We are all being bombarded with advertisements everywhere we turn. Today’s consumers have built up immunity to run of the mill sales pitches. Words like coupon, discount and special are ignored. Hospitality Industry Copywriting has to be ultra-entertaining especially since success in our industry revolves around staying current, cutting edge and suave!

Let’s start writing your success story together. E-mail Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant to set up an appointment today!

*Or simply send us the details of your next writing project for a free price quote!


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