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For your web marketing strategies to be effective it is important to smoothly coordinate their messages and tone with the actual personality your offline company projects. Your offline and online promotions will all work much better once they are working together towards the same goals. Let’s get together to discuss how PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT can help you integrate your online and offline marketing efforts to achieve powerful promotional and sales results! Our marketing discussions are always confidential and free so you have nothing to loose by throwing around a few marketing ideas with a seasoned professional. Lets talk over coffee soon…contact PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT:

*For your convenience we have enclosed a basic Online Marketing Blue Print for Successful Web Promotion. If you need any assistance with any step of the program simply contact PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT we would be happy to help with a single project or manage your whole marketing campaign! E-mail:

Restaurant Marketing Online Check List

( This list also works well for catering establishments)

By Stu Leventhal

Here are the quick start steps for setting up a new or established restaurant’s online presence:

  1. You must have a website! A restaurant website makes coordinating all your other web related promotions easier and more influential since you can point your visitors to your web pages for more info, for free giveaways, coupons and you can post a calendar of coming events. Read this article before you start your web building project it will save you money, time and assure you cover all the bases, that will be harder to fix later:

2.  Your second online priority is to blog: Creating a blog is easy and using a free hosting format is quite acceptable. You can upgrade to your own host later if you choose but it is not necessary since there is no competition for your restaurant’s name being used as a blog name or domain name and you don’t need the premier features to accomplish your purpose. So why pay for something when the free version is perfect for your needs? Blogging effectively for marketing purposes is covered here:

Blogs allow you to communicate with your customers and prospective customers in a relaxed, fun, non-formal atmosphere. You can find advice on writing for a blog here:

*Bear in mind, that websites and blogs are the most effective online marketing there is so far. Stats show when it comes to converting new customers and sales building, blogging and posting on your own website beats all of a business’s online social media efforts combined at an average rate of return of anywhere from between 30-70 percent. This is why I listed website and blogging first in the order of priorities. But this does not mean you can neglect social media all together. After all we want to take advantage of all the net has to offer. In order to get the most out of your web campaign, you should utilize your social media to enhance your website and blogging efforts not to work independently.


  1. Sign up on a few social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest… Choose only a few to start, you don’t want to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with posting and participating on too many social media sites at one time. For Tweeting advice:
  2. Yourself, as restaurant owner and all your key employees; Chefs, Managers, etc. should all post personal profiles on LinkedIn, Google+ and other related types of websites like any local restaurant organizations or chamber of commerce sites, female business and community leader sites if appropriate etc. When you craft the personal profiles you should always post a photo and links back to all your web sites, blogs, and social media sites. These links will help boost your website ranking in Google and other web search engines as well as allowing your customers and web real estate visitors to get to know the faces and personalities behind your restaurant business.
  3. Here’s a list of local info sites and web directories worth signing up for:,,,,, bing business, yahoo local.

It is also important that you create a profile in as many restaurant travel review sites as possible. These are where tourists go to plan their trips, Trip Advisor being the most well-known. Find out who your local restaurant review columnists are, both on and offline and court them. Send them news releases and invite them to come critique your dining experience. A coupon for a free meal or drink may get the ball rolling. One positive raving review by a food critic can be worth its weight in gold for years to come if leveraged effectively. You can print the review and frame it then hang it on the wall as bragging rights! Post copies of the review on all your websites, blogs, and social sites. You can even print quotes from a great review inside your menu pages!


  1. PPC or pay per click advertising is an inexpensive means of online advertising a restaurant. You only pay for the advertising when someone actually clicks on your add then is taken to your restaurant’s website or a special promotional offer page. You can learn how to set up an effective PPC marketing campaign here:
  2. Google Adwords is a advertising program where Google posts your advertsiements and links back to your websites on the right side of other peoples websites that are relevant to your restaurant business. I always recommend using all the free modes of web promotion before you start paying for ads!


  1. SEO, search engine optimization helps the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing index you properly. You can learn how to do this correctly here: Be sure to read the post on Keywords and traffic building too they will be quite helpful in sending visitors to your web real estate.

*Most importantly for optimizing your online efforts is not to forget or neglect your traditional offline promotional methods. All your marketing should be set up to complement one another and work together towards the same goals. This means hire some local kids to hand out takeout menus all over town and catering menus to all the local businesses. The handouts should list all of your website, blog and social media links printed attractively with a short one or two line reason why someone should visit you there; coupons, contests, chances to win something. Make sure these offer state clearly the only way to get them is through participating on your social sites. For example, fill in our quick questionnaire on our Facebook page so we can learn how to serve you better and receive a 25% off coupon on your next dinner meal.

Keeping up with your website, blog and social media posts can be exhausting but it is of utmost importance that you engage on schedule on all of the online platforms you set up. Remember a boring neglected website or blog sends the message that your business itself will be boring and neglected. If you need affordable assistance managing the writing content for your web marketing campaigns, go here to our sister website and be sure to claim your Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant discount!


Feel free to contact PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT for a free quote on any special projects or all of your restaurant marketing or management needs, E-mail:


*Send all your restaurant consultant hospitality marketing or hospitality management requests or questions to:


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