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Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant has the inside scoop on the best hospitality industry real estate opportunities in the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia arena and South Jersey. Many opportunities are not even listed with the public yet! We know about prime property lots that are ready for development and restaurants with fully equipped kitchens and furnished dining rooms. From ice cream parlors to fine dining, we’ll help you find the location that is best suited for your theme. We won’t let you move into just any place! We’ll get you all the facts on your competition in the area first so you can make a well informed decision. And make sure you are informed about all the areas where low interest government financing is possible. The bottom line is Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant can help you find some great hospitality real estate deals. Always dreamed of open a bed and breakfast? Let Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant can help you find the perfect piece of real estate to make that dream come true.

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*TIP – Philadelphia as well as her suburbs are comprised of diversely historical communities. Many of the Philadelphia neighborhoods as well as her surrounding smaller towns have commercial buildings that are protected by Grandfather Clauses which allow businesses to operate a certain way inside them. These privileges to operate may be lost once a property or business changes hands or if the building is torn down with the intent to build a new structure on the lot. It is essential that before you finalize a real estate purchase you know for sure that your proposal to operate a hospitality business is possible now and into the future in accordance with all the areas laws and zoning restrictions.

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Market Studies – A strong market analysis is crucial for the success of a new hospitality venue or expansion project. The more knowledge about the intended area into which you wish to move your hospitality concept the better. Find out about zoning, taxes, upcoming and hidden political agendas before you commit. Talk to neighboring businesses and group leaders in the community. Get a feel for how your concept is going to be accepted here. Find out what age groups dominate the population and other important demographics that will help you recognize whether your business model and theme is going to be a good fit for this neighborhood.


Property Evaluation – structural analysis, code advisory, roof, utility, comparative pricing, lease evaluation…The Philadelphia hospitality industry has a lot of nuances that basic commercial realtors are not up on. Whether you are looking to lease or purchase make sure you cover all the bases before you commit.

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*We also consult on selling hospitality real estate. We are currently working with clients who are actively searching for opportunities to buy into the Philadelphia Restaurant and Hospitality Market. This means if you have a hospitality business for sale, you will save a lot of time coming to Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant first. We have serious investors ready to move now!


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