The most effective restaurant recruiting method in the Delaware Valley has always been networking. Why not leverage our huge list of contacts featuring professionals from all areas of the hospitality industry. Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant can find you the people power you need to help you achieve your visions. We are connected to every local as well as non local culinary institute and cooking tech school that can meet our high standards. We know about the top students first because we are already doing business on other levels with many of the same Chefs who teach these programs. Because of the volume of our needs we command respect from employment agencies and independent recruiters in the Philadelphia arena who are constantly referring their best clients to us. If you want to take pride in bragging that your restaurant crew, servers, bar tenders, managers and shift managers are the very best in the whole Philly area contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant today.


Let’s face it; sometimes a restaurant management position gets hectic. Everything seems to pile up at the same time and that is when a key employee calls up to say they are leaving for greener pastures. Restaurant industry workers are known for not giving notice! And, isn’t it always, right when you finally have everyone trained, the roster filled and the restaurant running like clockwork that someone decides to throw a money-wrench into the whole works by vacating with little or no notice? If you are constantly having trouble hiring or retaining good quality hospitality crew members at your restaurant why not just contract the whole mess out. Take a load of unnecessary work off your shoulders. Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant will handle finding the right candidates for your open positions. We’ll do the background check up, we’ll pre-interview them based on your criteria then we will send only the best over for your final approval. Loose the stress, forget all the worry. We are affordable! And we have a well of experienced kitchen help staffers on call for emergency situations.

Your crew is your restaurant’s most valuable asset. Don’t get caught having to rush into decisions based on the need to fill an open position fast. Not being prepared for a key employee’s unannounced leaving is the worst feeling in the world. Once you sign with Philadelphia Restaurant Consulting our goal will not be to wait until you contact us before we start looking for crew members. We approach the responsibility seriously meaning we gather names and credentials, then get them screened out then approved based on your requirements before you need them! That is right! We compile a list of crew members who are on hold for all of your positions, in a next in line status list. Just call us with a time and we’ll arrange for the best interviewees to be there.  Our searching and screening never stops which assures you always have your choice of the top workers in the field in your area!

Contact us, we understand the Philadelphia restaurant industry better than anyone else. We’ve been working around these parts ourselves for many, many years!


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