Restaurant Staff Training

The crews are the determining factor that set the standards of customer service from one restaurant to another. Adequate crew training is the key to having superior crews. Lack of training, training short cuts or inefficient training are the root causes of most badly running restaurants. Many restaurants, bars and other fine hospitality venues rush their new hires and recently promoted employees into positions that they are not nearly prepared for. The attitude is you have to fend for yourself, sink or swim, if you want the position. This situation comes about because training is not an every day feature during their restaurant operations. Ideally you want to be in a position where you have plenty of people already crossed trained and ready to step into any position that vacates whether temporarily or permanently, way before the position becomes available. This can only be achieved by implementing a culture that values training throughout the whole business. Scheduled training classes need to be put on calendars and never cancelled or sacrificed due to the restaurant suddenly becoming busy. Remember, your crew is your biggest asset and every penny invested in bettering your personnel comes back to repay you over and over again. Invest in your crew and your crew won’t let you down. Neglect and ignore the needs of your crew at your own peril!

Let’s turn your cooks into culinary artists! Empower your waiters and waitresses with the skills needed to provide the very best customer service! Help you managers communicate better and more efficiently!

Let us help you get everyone cross trained so they can perform as many job positions as possible. This makes each crew member more valuable to the restaurant. Learning also fosters employee job satisfaction by fighting boredom and monotony, keeping the key crew members on their toes with friendly competition and has been proven to lower employee turnover. Learning and training also prepares employees so they can move up the ladder. A solid culture of promoting from within boosts crew moral and builds employee loyalty.

Contact us to set up custom training programs or to create training manuals for any department in your hospitality business from sales and marketing to executive schedule making. from purchasing and vendor negotiations to table bussing and sanitation.

We can provide manuals with test for do it yourself studying or put on a seminar for any department if that will be more effective.


APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS – Offering an apprenticeship program through local culinary cooking schools, colleges and tech programs or a nearby high school is a great way to assure you have a constant supply of new, quality, enthusiastic crew members. Generally these cooking students are paid lower wages than your regular crew members in return for the training and hands on experience you are offering them. Besides the savings on wages a restaurant with an apprentice program also saves the time and money that they would have to invest in posting jobs, screening aplications and interviewing. Offering an apprenticeship program also has tremendous marketing and promotional value due to its news worthy status and human interest appeal! Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant can help you jazz up your current staff and guide you in sprucing up your kitchen back of the house and equipment so you will pass the requirements and inspections of the educational administrators and thus can take advantage of this great community bonding opportunity. For more details on setting up a quality apprenticeship program, Email:


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