Philadelphia PA Tourism Market


By Stu Leventhal (Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant)

Philadelphia is a tourist city filled with adventure, culture and historic sites to visit and enjoy. All eateries, drinking establishments and entertainment hot spots should try to capitalize on the natural draw Philly has for visitors. We are a major convention center for the east coast. From our Famous Philadelphia Flower Show to our Philadelphia Auto Show to the Philadelphia Marathon, political conventions and much more, throughout the year Philly is constantly filling up with business men and women, children, families, school trips and tour groups. If your restaurant, bar or lodging company is not prepared to take full advantage of the flood of visitors when the opportunities present themselves, you are leaving far too much money on the table for your competitors to scoop up. You are also losing out on a ton of free promotion, publicity and marketing.

For a free consultation contact PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT CONSULTANT:


Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant can help you prepare for these busy times and get your establishment on the event planners’ recommendation lists.

Certainly the local trade must be catered to and won over if a Philadelphia hospitality organization is to be successful. But remember, a lot of winning over the locals involves being a place that is interesting enough for Philadelphia residents to bring their guests to that we can all brag about.

Philadelphians are full of civic and city pride despite the complaints we may share with each other. When guests come to visit, we want to show off. Whether we take them out for a cheese steak, a few beers at a hole in the wall around the corner or a steak dinner on Rittenhouse Square; you can be sure the outing will be memorable and probably full of storytelling, joking and horsing around.

For a food and beverage establishment to win the approval of the locals it has to have neighborhood charm. That means capitalizing on local celebrities and notable happenings past and present and leveraging current neighborhood issues. If your restaurant, bar, club is not getting its fair share of the Philadelphia tourist industry trade, contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant:


Can you imagine the impact booking just a few tour groups a month will have on your bottom line? You will be surprised how easy this can be accomplished. Virtually every kind of food service venue; fast food to fine dining, can profit from the Philly tourist trade opportunities.


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