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By Stuart Leventhal

If your Philadelphia business website is having a tough time ranking high in the Google Search Engine, you are not alone. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing field of expertise. Google makes the rules and their MO is to constantly change those rules to make it hard for other Search Engine Companies to keep up with them. Technological advances are hard to predict. SEO methods that work today are gone tomorrow! There is no such thing as a set and forget website, not if you wish to be competitive in a market place as dynamic as the City of Philadelphia and her suburbs. Thus, Philadelphian companies who wish their website to play an ongoing roll in their business strategy must employ a SEO strategy on their site which includes constant website SEO updating.

When it comes to great website design in Philadelphia the most important thing that counts is whether your website will be positioned on the front page of the local Philadelphia Google Searches and can your site hold that competitive first position for a long, long time. There are beautiful websites designed to please the human eye and there are great technology functioning websites designed to be assessable to the automated data analyzers that scroll the internet attempting to classify, categorize and index everything in a logical usable order. Both website visitors must be appeased for a Philly website to be successful. Achieving just one without the other is worthless. The problem that many Philadelphia website designers, SEO technicians and webmaster run into is that human and nonhuman website visitors want totally different things.

The nonhuman robotic visitors to your website respond to patterns, repetition and cues that you, your SEO consultant and your webmaster leave them in order to comprehend your messages. Put the wrong cues in or vary from the normal SEO formats that the robotic automation technology is used to recognizing and your website, its posts and its pages will all be classified in the wrong categories or declassified thus making it impossible for your human visitors to locate them. This is the core of good Philadelphia SEO. Website Search Engine Optimization in a big competitive city like Philadelphia involves thinking like a machine or computer and constructing your local web real estate in a logical, orderly and most importantly a computer friendly, computer understandable, fashion.

Your Philadelphia human visitors wish to be entertained, informed, laugh, learn and be invited to feel like they belong to something. You are competing with top notch Philadelphian media; television, radio, movies, sports and music events, the video game industry, award winning newspapers, the drama in their friends communications, work issues and a slew of other factors to command just a moment of Philly’s attention. Your artistry, originality and suave is often the deciding factors of how you and your online communications are judged. This artistry, your innovation, style and tone all make up your unique voice which represents your company’s image to your website visitors. To be successful on the internet, your website must be set up to appease both your human visitors and your non-human ones! But, pleasing one usually has the opposite effect on the other thus making it a tough task for SEOs, Website Designers and Web Masters to juggle. In a town as business competitive and cutting edge as Philadelphia the juggling act becomes even tougher!

The Philadelphia Web Design Industry has been classified as one of the toughest web design arenas on the east coast. Web design for the hospitality Industry is even more challenging since bars, restaurants, clubs and vacation lodgings are all judged on how current, fashionable, unique, suave and in vogue they are! It is imperative your website retains its entertainment value while implementing its SEO tactics and never sacrifice its artsy appeal.

Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant has compiled a top Website Creation Team that will optimize your site so Google’s technology understands your message just as well as your Philly customers and prospects do. We use the most advanced SEO tactics which do not detract from your visual presentation or infringe on your artistic voice and visions which we know are all important to your websites overall success here in the City of Brotherly Love. Let’s get you ranking #1 in the Search Engines; Google, Yahoo, Bing for all the local Philadelphia keyword phrase searches you wish to be ranked for! Then let the Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant Web Presence Management and Maintenance Teams take over; growing your customer base and fans through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more…

We specialize in linking your offline marketing with your online marketing so everything is works together towards the same promotional goals. Our creative writing staff and media connections will soon have the whole town of Philly talking about your company, products and services. Your competition won’t know what hit them!

Contact Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant Website and SEO Division Today:


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